Stage Cultopia

Welcome to CULTOPIA’s home in Athens!

A multifunctional, artistic/creative space of 370 m² in an industrial building of Votanikos. STAGE CULTOPIA is a place for rehearsals, residencies, workshops, shoots and events.


Stage Dimensions: 110 m² - 11m² x 10m industrial floor
Adaptations: thick foam boards 2cm, plywood floor 18cm, linoleum
Height: 4m
Audio: 2 MACKIE C-300 speakers with tripod, 4 channel mixer the t.mix xmix 1204 FX
Light: 10 bells with 4000K illumination

With natural light of side windows which can be blacked out
Loading ramp for set & props with 5 meter sliding door & elevator
Kitchenette, bathroom with shower

Address: Kassandras 8C, Votanikos, Athens